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JongHo (ATEEZ) - The Truth Untold (BTS)

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world's best vocalist Choi Jongho

Welcome to my first video! It can't be said to be very good, but I will try to make my upcoming videos better! Ilysm, see ...

All ATEEZ MVs but it's just Jongho's lines

The Main Vocalist of Ateez Choi Jongho ♥️♥️ And the Maknae (I still don't get it... How are all maknaes so strong haha) Jongho ...

JONGHO - Here I Am Again (다시 난, 여기) [Crash Landing On You OST] (Colour Coded Lyrics Han/Rom/Eng)

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► Choi Jongho ; Be There

Boy: Choi Jongho (Ateez) Song:


Songs: Hala Hala Light Pirate King Say my name Promise.

compilation of choi jongho rapping

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Jongho - Euphoria (BTS cover)

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choi jongho //vocal evolution

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a little compilation of Ateez’s Jongho vocals bc he’s a vocal king

STAN TALENT STAN ATEEZ (also, the comeback is in a few days 🥴🥰)

ATEEZ Jongho & San sing “West Sky” by Ulala Session

We love a man who can sing and break apples....

choi jongho slaying everyone for eight and a half minutes

Choi Jongho is a vocal and visual legend, we been knew.


He performed Grenade by Bruno Mars #kqboys #kqfellaz #choijongho #최종호 #ateez.

Choi Jongho flexing his vocals

Here we have our beatiful maknae showing off his golden voice in some random as clips I found 1st video: ...

choi jongho — talking body [FMV] ATEEZ

THE LAST MEMBER WILL BE HIT US LIKE AN ASTEROID! lads and gents i introduce you our talented maknae. choi jongho is a ...

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