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Keaton Stromberg - To The Moon And Back (Lyrics)

Okay, so I was watching the U.S. X-Factor and saw this band called Emblem 3 and they're all so cute, but I'm in love with Keaton!

The Simple Life - Keaton Stromberg

The Simple Life by Keaton Robert Stromberg ( Emblem 3 ) Check out other EPs : Check ...

Keaton Stromberg - Anymore (Audio)

Hey! Here is a new song. Thanks!

Keaton Stromberg - The Best of Me (Official Audio)

The Simple Life - Available Now! iTunes: Spotify: ...

Keaton Stromberg Solo Songs

Thanks for watch the video i hope you like :) Twitter: @Juliet5SOSE3 Intagram: Julsmeow.

Keaton Stromberg - Fall For You [Live Cover]

Me performing Fall for You by Secondhand Serenade. Twitter: Facebook: ...

Keaton Stromberg - Sunshine (Official Audio)

The Simple Life - Available Now! iTunes: Spotify: ...

Paramore: Hard Times (Keaton Stromberg Cover)

I like this song. Enjoy! ...Also, my new album "The Simple Life" is available now! Get it here: Spotify: ...

Keaton Stromberg - My Everything (Live Acoustic)

Here is a live acoustic version of My Everything. Enjoy! iTunes: Spotify: ...


The Official Music Video for Don't Go Stream on Spotify: ...

Keaton, This Is Why You're Adorable (Tribute to Keaton Stromberg)

does anyone wanna help get keaton to notice this... or nah Twitter: @swagonjustinxx.

Reach For The Stars - Keaton Stromberg

Reach For The Stars by Keaton Robert Stromberg ( Emblem3 ) Check out other EPs : ...

Keaton Stromberg - Thought of Her (Lyrics) [STUDIO VERSION]

Keaton Stromberg - Thought of Her with Lyrics! Enjoy! (: Twitter:

Keaton Stromberg - Somewhere Only We Know Cover (Lyircs)


Sugar - Maroon 5 (Spencer Sutherland, Wesley and Keaton Stromberg Cover)

We had a little sweet tooth I guess. Spencer Sutherland's Channel: Original Song: ...


Stream: IG ...

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